"Bangkokpants the most comfiest Hippie pants and Harem pants that you will own"



Hello, From Bangkokpants. I’m Aek Issara and I am a local artisan who make handmade comfy hippie pants and harem pants (Also for activities like yoga , hula hoop or just for casual pants).      


I really love my work. I live in Bangkok (Capital of Thailand) and Chiang Mai (North) in Thailand.

Bangkokpants started since 1988. At the first time it’s only family business, Every members in our family worked in mini factory (Actually is mini room).
We started from important questions that why we have to wear uncomfortable hippie pants and harem pants
 all day. This is Thailand and it’s very hot. We want the pants that comfortable to wear and quick drying pants Then we found the main material of the pants. It’s rayon fabric. However, the rayon fabric is very thin but soft so we have to sew them with carefully and use more experience until we can make the pants that is perfect from our concept. 

Moreover, We would like to make the unique hippie pants and harem pants
 for both Thai and international clients by mix them with local culture into the pants (you can see the unique design in fabric on our pants) that was different from the pants everybody was wearing. Bangkokpants was born in our heart. We would like every customer so proud about Bangkokpants.

Our shop is excellent working conditions and fair pay. Thailand doesn't suffer the problem of sweatshops like in other countries.

Thank you all of customers gives me the opportunity to make the most comfiest hippie pants and harem pants
 to show people all around the world. I’m so proud and very happy to know that Bangkokpants was worn by every customers around the world. Our goal in the future is to keep doing and try our best to every pants. Especially,”We would like to send the happiness to every customers”.


Sewing with love Hippie Pants
Elephant Hippie Pants
Hippie Pants Thai Harem Pants
Elephant Pants Hippie Pants


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